Saturday 9 April 2011

daily routine !

okay, my daily routine, wake up, brush teeth, wash face, bath in the morning. then, dawn prayer, after that wear school uniform, go to school, lining up near the plains of the information, then heard teacher membebel , then go to class, studying, then rest, then learn more. then tuition until 4 o'clock. then back home , sleepppp.

yeah, my daily routine, a routine form 5 students, the thing that i do 5 days. it was boring? .doing the same thing five days in a row. very bored. I want variation. new thing, what need new ideas. each person must have a boring routine, even me, I know. a student who needs a difference in their lives. Even girl, yeah thats true.

they need something different, but how? i want enjoyed my life, no more stress.  even i form 5, you know,      the kind of form 5 study , that was a suck ! . sometime boring , sometime enjoyed . almost every day have homeworkk ! . Homework again , again and again . huhuhu , this is because of SPM . yeah . i will do the best for my SPM . yeahh ! i know it temporary , just need a kind of patient . okay just move on babe<3. 
thankyou :)
SPM 2011 !

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