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Tipsssssss for the muet's.

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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Taala Wabarakatuh, Hi everyone, a very long time not post something in my blog, quite busy lately. Yeah, as usual, busy with my tutorial, presentation and so on and i will ended all this in Mei. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Can't wait for that moment. Ahaks, did you realise, what special for this entry? Come on, please realise that. Come on babeyh. Tettt, Okay,  special for this entry is, i wrote in english! IN ENGLISHHHHHHH, Hahaha sound weird right. Okay, actually, this is because, i will stand for the second time for MUET (Malaysian University English Test) which is Speaking/Listening/Reading/Writing Test and Alhamdulillah, im done with my speaking test. A very thankful with all my group members for give all cooperation and make the group discussion as a real discussion. Yeah, i mean, unexpected discussion.

So, for this entry, i want to share to all candidate that will stand for the the MUET test in this saturday. The tips. Ahaa, the tips for the Listening/Writing/Writing. I found this tips, while searching for the "tips for Muet" in google. Yeah, sharing is caring right? Okay Let's start

Tip #1
Check out the structure and format of the test. 
Get your hands on model test papers or past year papers. You can obtain this easily from the bookstore or from your MUET tutor. How many papers/components do you have to take? How many questions? What type of questions? How much time do you have to complete the test?

Tip #2
Prepare a plan of action
When do you need to take the test? When do you need to submit your results to your university? You need to decide and draw up a timeline or schedule. If its July now and MUET is in October/November, ask yourself, how much time would you have to allocate to MUET preparation for the next 3 months or 12 weeks? 3 times a week, 2 hours a day? Self-study? Form a study group? Join a class? I would suggest all three.

Tip #3
Practice, practice, practice
Yes, its just that simple. However, easier said than done. You need to manage you time and motivation level. How badly do you want this? Think about the consequences. If you don't get the band you need, what happens? You really want to pursue tertiary education or in some cases, graduate from university. Then, practice, practice, practice. After attending sessions with your MUET tutor and study group, do the following.

Practice Speaking. Get MUET speaking questions and simulate the test. Speak to yourself. Pretend you are in the test. Visualise the test scenario. This is the best way to prevent going blank, panic in the REAL speaking test session.

Practice Reading. Its important to attempt model questions. You need to practice skimming and scanning for answers. You need to know that you can finish the 45 questions in 90 minutes.

Practice Listening. When attempting the listening test, DON'T listen to every single word of the recording. You need to learn the techniques of listening for meaning and gist. That takes practice. If you are struggling to spell words, don't despair, just practice even more.

Practice Writing. Yes, the questions that have appeared in past year papers will not come out again. And how likely are you able to predict the questions for writing. So, what should you do? You need to practice expressing your thoughts, views, opinion, ideas in writing on paper, in the most coherent manner and with suitable vocabulary. This, takes practice. 

Tip #4
Read, read, read
What should you read? Be smart about it. What kind of topics are you likely to get in your test. Read articles that are relevant to those. Do you know about Plastic surgery? Social problems? Crime rates? Crime prevention? ICT updates? Work related stress? Not much? Then read about them. Read online magazines, newspapers, good quality blogs, articles from english language websites. Save them, email to your friends, share and exchange articles. 

Tip #5
Vocabulary, vocabulary, vocabulary
Get a good academic workbook and work on it. Academic vocabulary which is required for MUET is different from normal everyday English. I've uploaded a vocabulary workbook on my blog. Download the pdf file, get it printed and complete it.

All the best in your MUET preparation. and credit to Tips Muet 

There are many ways/tips for you, just search in google. And for the last, Good Luck for all candidates and sure for myself. Assalamualaikum :)   

 P/S : Want to know what your ability in english ?  HERE

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